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i am a different person today.
i am an unbelieveably stressed person today.
i've realized that i can really only make myself happy.
but today, in effect, was actually a good day.

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some things have been really super good fun.
other things have been so unbelieveably stressful i cannot even begin to explain.
it's from one extreme to another i think.

it's been a weird week. so far.

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you'll all be delighted to know that i just dowloaded the song

"PoPoZao" by Kevin Federline

it's the best idea i've had in a while.

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so tonight, i saw two movies in the theaters.

first we saw the matador, which was weird.
then we decided to stay for a showing of annapolis, which was really good.

gotta love those two for one deals. even if you do make them up yourself.

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college is really so heinous.

-it's 1:48am, i have class at 8, and i have a possible quiz that i haven't yet prepared for.
-i've watched "Trapped in the closet" twice today.
-about 20 minutes ago, allen just walks in, and liz is asleep in her underwear, and i'm sitting at my computer with headphones on.

yeah, this is all very normal.

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courtesy of tara, i am currently obsessed with cartel.

i am also obsessed with the 407 TV lounge, and allen's little table set up.

that is all.