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i can't sleep.
i watched a whole disk of sex and the city to try and go to sleep.
in a little while the sun will be up.
so that should be pretty sweet.


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i haven't made an update in a while.
spring puts me in such a good mood.
things are good.
i don't want to leave boston, but i do want to be home.
i want to bring my friends here to live with me.
i can't wait to visit everyone over the summer.
i miss my friends at home too.
hard to believe that freshman year will be over in two weeks.


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um so yeah... i hate fire drills at 6:30 am.

i've come to realize that i love being here, but i have no motivation to do work or go to class.

i want it to be summer, but i don't want to leave.

if only it could just get a little warmer...